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Yalova Thermal Springs

English 27 Eylül 2015

Turkey is the paradise of thermal springs as a result of its rich and curative mineral waters. With it is 4000 years history it worths to see.You shouldn’t complete your vacation in this country without visiting Yalova’s well-known thermal springs and Atatürk’s House there. The Valide and the Kurşunlu baths are the historical baths as thermal spring facilities.

When Atatürk came to Yalova, Thermal was not the same. He equipped this place by special trees which were brought from all over the world. The Baths were chosen as “the most beneficial thermal baths” of the world in a contest in Rome.

Yalova hot springs known for their therapeutic qualities, have cold and hot mineral water which is suitable for both bathing and drinking. The water outlet of the springs flowing at a rate of 15 liters per second. These ones with a temperature of 60-65 C, have a composition of sodium chloride, calcium sulfate and fluoride. Thermal springs have been curing many illness like rheumatism, kidney, bladder, nervous and various skin diseases. Therefore, thermal became the most popular healing-centre. As a result, more than 2.000 people per day visit this place.

A vacation in Yalova Thermal Baths is not just for enjoy or luxury but also for health, for regenerating yourself. This means natural anti-aging and removal of diseases.


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