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Woman Catches ‘Love Rat’ Boyfriend GROPING A Flirty Stranger’s Bottom In A Supermarket

English 30 Temmuz 2016

This is the moment a devastated young woman is left lost for words as she catches her ‘love rat’ boyfriend touching another woman’s bum on a secret camera

Stephanie, from the US, contacted the YouTube channel To Catch a Cheater because she wanted to find out whether her boyfriend Michael would be faithful to her.

And as she watches him secretly being filmed in a grocery store flirting with a woman in denim hotpants, a look of horror washes over her as he agrees to give his number out and proclaim that he’s single.

The candid footage shows Michael being approached by the curvaceous female shopper named Lisa – who is actually a model acting as a decoy.
He quickly falls into the trap as Lisa compliments him on his ‘nice body’ and ‘dope tattoo’.

e trap as Lisa compliments him on his ‘nice body’ and ‘dope tattoo’.



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