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Snoring Is Not Funny

English 4 Ekim 2015

It’s a scene that most married people are having; a wife tries to sleep while her husband snores loudly. Snoring can even cause divorcing. Furthermore, it could be a sign of a serious disease – obstructive sleep apnea which can lead up to high blood pressure and stroke. Sleep apnea means to stop breathing for several seconds. On the other hand, snoring is noisy sound due to obstructed air movement during breathing while sleeping

Four out of every ten men snore compared to approximately three out of ten women. Common reasons of snoring are owerweight, colds, allergy, smoking, alcohol, getting older and so on. Most people don’t pay enough attention to this frequent problem. They think snoring is something funny. However, it could be a serious problem. Anyone who habitually snores should consult his or her doctor to determine whether it’s sleep apnea or ordinary snoring and also to decide on the best treatment.


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