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Safety and Body-building

English 16 Ekim 2015

Do you want to have a perfectly fit body? Do you want to look like Arnold Schwarzenegger or other celebrity body builders? Or body-building maybe just a way of a healthy and sportive life for you. Whatever the reason is, it requires hard work and tremendous discipline. You have to work extensively with heavyweights and irons. While working hours and hours, it’s very important to consider these safety factors

1. It’s essential to warm up you muscle. At least 15 minutes of cardio, light stretching or flexibility and cooling down may help you diminishing the risk of injuries. Also, it’s a good way to increase your body temperature.

2. Using textbook form is good. However, obsessing over perfect form is wrong. Using perfect and textbook form for every exercise will actually increase the possibility of injury and simultaneously decrease the total amount of muscle stimulation. It’s very important to move naturally while exercising.

3. Use proper amount of weight. Choose a weight which allows you to complete six to eight reps. Also, it’s essential to increase your weight slowly. Thus, you will see the capability of your body and the amount of reps you can expect to lift with this weight.

4. Always avoid over training and know when to stop. Because, overtraining can end up with cumulative joint and / or muscle tissue damage. You might not notice that immediately but the injury might come out after months or years.

5. Use safety equipment. A weight belt which protects you during your exercise, is very important. Furthermore, it limits your movements to keep you from slipping into poor form. Because you get more and more tired during the set. If your level is intermediate or advanced, you may need other equipment such as knee wraps.

6. A good training partner not only provides motivation, but also watches your moves and takes you to the hospital if required.

You are always under the danger of important injuries without safety. So, as it’s said from time to time: ‘Safety First’ in every aspects of life including body-building.


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