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Kylie Minogue and Breast Cancer Awareness

English 2 Ekim 2015

Breast cancer is the most common cancer among women and second most common cancer concluding with death. Detecting breast cancer early, when it’ s not so hard to treat, can save lives.

Especially, since 2005 awareness of breast cancer risk and so the number of women undergoing mammography and breast biopsy for detection of cancers in earlier stages, increased. One of the undeniable reasons for this sharp rise is, famous star Kylie Minogue’s being early diagnosed with the cancer in May 2005. She went through an exhausting chemotherapy treatment and a surgery in Melbourne to remove the growth of the cancer. Since it was caught early through mammography, the lump was removed successfully in the surgery.

Kylie Minogue was one of the lucky ones, who beat the cancer. However, it was not easy. She changed her life style psychologically and emotionally. There is no guarante to prevent breast cancer or to beat it like her, but especially yearly mammograms and having an MRI are very important for early detections. In addition, the best way to reduce cancer risk overall is to live in a healthy way with reagular exercise.


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