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Exercise Bikes

English 19 Ekim 2015

Exercise bikes are one of the most popular home fitness equipments which can provide both aerobic and strength training. They are easy to use, do not require any advanced training and offer an effective workout. In addition, they are effective at burning calories, raising the heart rate and developing aerobic capacity while limiting the impact on knees and leg joints. It can be said that these bikes not only provide a good aerobic fitness but also strengthen the hip flexors, gluts and the calf muscles. The main types of exercise bikes are the upright bike which is a stationary equipment and the recumbent bike. The upright exercise is in fact a traditional road bike which you sit on a a regular small backless seat. The most common complaint with this one is having some pain especially at the beginning. Other complaints involve sore or numb wrists and hands. The upright position allows for more movement. You can sit in a racing position or can even stand while pedaling.

A recumbent exercise cycle has a larger chair-style seat. They are recommended for those who have back problems. Since this style enables support to the lower back. Recumbent bikes are mostly considered as less intense than uprights, but in fact, you can burn a lot of calories on both styles. You can’t stand up to pedal on a recumbent cycle because the pedals are further forward than they are on an upright style. With the upright one, your body positioning is basically legs under seat, but with the other one, your positioning is basically legs extended in front of feet.

An exercise bike gives a great cardio work out. You should work out at least 3 days a week for at least 20 minutes. Thanks to these exercise equipments, nobody can complain that they can’t get to the gym. Because, the gym is at your home.


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