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Beauty Mud in Dalyan

English 11 Ekim 2015

If you visit Marmaris, you should experience a holiday in Dalyan Mud Baths. The mud baths of Dalyan are very famous especially among foreign tourists. The mud baths also called as “Beauty Mud”, not only cures your skin problems but also remedies rheumatism and claims to make you look ten years younger. So, the baths are enjoyed by 1,000 people per day.

After getting in the mud, let it dry by a sunbathe to feel the healing effect of the mud. When the mud first dries on your skin, it feels really tight. After a while, it’s time to remove the mud in a natural clear water sulphur pool at a temperature of approximately 40 degrees. This washing off makes you feel like your layers of your skin are renewed with soft new skin

At first, the mud pools smell is very bad. But don’t worry, you will get used to it. Mud baths in Dalyan are not just for health, but also for fun. Because, everyone around you are covered in mud. Don’t forget your cameras for unforgettable moments.


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