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Are Health Foods Really Good For Us?

English 29 Eylül 2015

As a result of rising levels of obesity, stroke and heart disease, public concern for health foods has aroused more and more in recent years. Lots of foods on the market claim to prevent heart disease, cancers and constipation, and also to help detoxification. However, are these health foods really good for us? So, let’ s have a look at some of the ‘health foods’

Eg fish like tuna or mackerel etc has full amount of Omega 3 fatty acids. These acids provide a healthy life. However, it may include too much mercury which is a poison. As another example, a piece of chicken is assumed as a lean meat. This is true but the skin on it, is not healthy. Even foods like canned vegetables and soup can be unhealthy because of having too much sodium.

It’s certain that granola is a healthier food because of containing whole grains and more fiber than processed cereals. On the other hand, some brands of granola include over 600 calories per cup, which is approximately five times more calories than a cup of fruit loops


Healthy alternatives of foods like diet cola, are trickery. Just because a food is labelled as low in fat doesn’t mean that it’ s low in terms of sugar or calories.

A whole balance of nutrient and fibre; containing minimum fat, cholesterol, sweet and salt but a wide variety of vitamins and minerals are all necessary for a food to be healthy. As a result of all these facts, the question of ‘what to eat to be heaIthy’ arises. The answer is not simple but the main thing is to eat a variety of foods to get the necessary nutrients. Because no single food provides all of the nutrients which your body needs.


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