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English 1 Ekim 2015

Age affects everyone both physically and emotionaly. However, some people are affected more than others. At the beginning of middle age, men can experience a period similar to the menopause. It’s called andropause, male menopause, PADAM (Partial Androgen Deficiency in the Ageing Male) or even midlife crisis.

The word ‘andropause’, is the combination of andro meaning male and pauses meaning stop. It’s a normal part of ageing which has the symptoms differing from person to person such as hot flashes, erectile dysfunction, decline in sexuality, testosterone, androgen and energy. The symptoms vary too much, and men don’t want to admit the problem. Also, physicians mostly don’t think the level of low-testosterone as a possible culprit. So, andropause has been underdiagnosed for years.

The treatment is androgen replacement therapy. Some preparations of the hormone can be taken as a supplement. The most popular methods of the hormone replacement are taking testosterone capsules and injection. The other forms involve gels and patches.

To prevent andropause, it’s necessary to develop a healthy lifestyle. Men should have positive thinking, a well-balanced diet, with a regular exercise. They shouldn’t smoke and drink excessively.


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