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Android M 6.0 Marshmallow update for Sony Xperia Z5, Z4, Z3: Beta testing has started

English 4 Şubat 2016

It has been four months since the release of Android’s latest OS, which is the version 6.0 or most commonly known as the Marshmallow. However, only few Android devices have received the update, with the Nexus devices running it first. Sony’s Xperia Z5, Z4, and Z3 devices will reportedly be getting the update pretty soon as well.

According to Neurogadget, the Marshmallow experience for Sony Xperia Z3 or Z3 compact can now be tried out through its beta test.

So far, some users have noticed that the slight changes of the user interface on the new Android M are causing the phone to slow down. But some shared that the Marshmallow’s Doze feature could actually help boost the battery life of the said Sony devices.

Despite the inclusion of Google Now Launcher, which can still be downloaded separately, the latest Android version is reminiscent to the look of the Android Vanilla.

Other applications that are included are the Album, Music App, and Camera App with AR effects. It also supports theme pack and grid-style menu.

The Sony Xperia devices that are listed to get the Android Marshmallow update are are: Xperia Z5 Premium, Z5 Compact, Z5, Z4 Tablet, Z3 Compact, Z3 , Z3, Z2, Xperia 2 Tablet, Xperia M5, M4, M4 Aqua, Xperia C5 Ultra and Xperia C4.

Until now, Sony has not announced the official rollout of the newest Android update to the said devices butTechRadar reported that the Z5 line was supposed to receive it last January and the older models will get it shortly after.

The beta testers will reportedly send in their reviews of the Marshmallow OS on Sony through the official Google group of Sony. Through the users’ feedback and evaluation, Sony developers will be able to spot the issues that need to be addressed. Users of the said testing program are specifically using the Android 6.0.1 update.


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