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English 28 Eylül 2015

If you want to to improve your body shape, contours, or curves, try water liposuction to see what it can do for you. Going through 2010s, water liposuction, the future of cosmetic surgery and the most advanced liposuction technique, became available for the people seeking beauty. It’ s not ultrasound or laser. It uses just water in order to loosen the fat cells and excessive water.

FDA approved Body-Jet is the first and only machine which performs water assisted liposuction. Since this unbelievable technique uses water as the most natural material, tissue damage, swelling and bruising are minimized. As an important alternative to traditional liposuction technique, it can be performed under local anesthesia and with minimal discomfort and less pain. It is safe and comfortable. People see the results quickly and return to their normal lives in one or two days. This method enables to have really very good improvement, but like other techniques, it doesn’ t make you perfect.


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