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100 Places to Promote Your App (2016)

English 15 Aralık 2015

Promote Your App

SaaS Marketing Plan: App Directories / Lists

Some of these cost money, some are free, some have specific criteria, some are big, others are not… use your judgement. Where possible I linked directly to the “submit your App / startup” page.

  • GetApp
  • TrustRadius
  • DreamSimplicty
  • SaaS Showplace
  • Mashape
  • App Appeal
  • WebAppRater
  • Appmit
  • Software Advice
  • Museum of The Modern Beta
  • Go2web20.net
  • On The App
  • The Startup Pitch
  • Web App Heaven
  • You Noodle
  • Cloudbase3
  • FeedMyApp
  • Killer Startups
  • CloudSurfing
  • AppStorm
  • SaaSMarkets
  • Comparz
  • Emily Chang Ehub
  • AppUseful
  • Listio
  • cnet’s Download.com (Yep, they include SaaS apps – but they call it ‘webware’)
  • Submit Startup
  • Generation-Y Startup
  • TechPluto
  • Netted
  • CrunchBase
  • AngelList
  • CloudBook
  • StartupTunes
  • BetaLi.st
  • Capterra
  • BestVendor
  • Cloudfindr
  • VentureBeat
  • BoogarLists
  • BSDB – The Business Software Database
  • CloudXL
  • TopAlternatives.com
  • Mevvy

My Awesome Disclaimer

There are only a few of these sites that I am really familiar with, and even then I’m just giving you the links, not vouching for them. Use them at your own risk and read their Terms of Service & Privacy policies really well (probably always a good idea).

There are a few links above that are affiliate links… meaning if you give them money for something – a listing, a book, etc. – I’ll get a cut. But all that means is that I am more confident in their abilities or the content of the book, program, etc. as I would never promote for a fee anything I don’t believe in. Still, you should do your homework and make your decisions based on your own due diligence. Cool?

Also, you should have an affiliate program so people will promote your stuff for you without you knowing! See my interview with Jack Born about Affiliate Marketing for SaaS & Web Apps for more info.

Let’s Build your SaaS Marketing Plan

For immediate consultation and advice on driving traffic to your site or your overall marketing plan, schedule at least a 15-minute meeting with me via Clarity. If you feel a more involved engagement is required for me to help you, email mewith the specifics of your situation (as much detail as you’re comfortable giving) and we’ll setup a meeting to work through the particulars.

– Lincoln


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